Weekends are for fun too

Students flock to Monol in order to study. However, no one can study well under stress and the lack of enjoyment.

This is one of the important values Monol tries to uphold. As our motto states “Live and learn in Monol.”

Every term students can look forward to two weekend trips which are held on Saturdays. Although it is not mandatory, we promote students to join in order to enjoy their life in Monol apart from their studies. We value their mental well- being equally as to their quality of studies. 

The latest trip our students have been to is La Union’s “Pugad Pugo Adventure.” A leisure complex with huge swimming pools, ziplining & ATV rides, plus a small zoo & cottages.

Here are some pictures of our students enjoying the zip-line.

We try our best to plan out our students’ weekend trips by accounting the weather in order to pick the best place to go to. Of course the cool climate of Baguio is home-y, we still want to let Monol enjoy the tropical paradise the Philippines is best known for.

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