What’s up with “Ber months” in Monol

Ber months (September until December) is one of the best seasons to stay and learn English in Baguio City. The city’s “December breeze” started to be felt at the beginning of the northeast monsoon resulting in colder nights below 16ºC.  This is one of the best seasons in Baguio City because everyone, even Monol students, can enjoy the cool weather along with tons of activities hosted by the academy and the local government of Baguio.

With the theme “An Enchanting Baguio Christmas”, the local government has set numerous dates for activities that everyone can enjoy this season:

Dates2022 Baguio Activities
November 12Baguio Country Club’s Oriental-themed Christmas Village opens to the general public.
November 18“Christmas Around The World” park shall be launched at the Botanical garden.
November 27Porta Vaga Mall atop Session road launches their Christmas celebration with merrymaking and fireworks.
December 1City officials light up the CBAO constructed City Christmas tree at Session Road.
December 3“Cool Christmas” at the Rose Garden, Burnham Park will open featuring a food truck showcase, Christmas installation, open-mic street busking and performance.
December 4, 11,18 & 25Session road and Melvin Jones is open to the public on all four Sundays. Native delicacies are available, as with street Christmas Chalk art on the road.
Credits: PIO Baguio (https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=683734396449873&set=a.404645651025417)

*Note: Activities hosted by Monol will be updated here soon.

Aside from the enjoyable local activities, Monol also has the perfect facility for keeping the body warm during the chilly season. Monol has invested in renovating facilities to cater to the needs of the students; thus, a hot sauna for male and female students was put up. Moreover, students can enjoy using the hot sauna whenever they feel like it.

The hot sauna is located at Monol’s rooftop.

Overall, the “Ber months” season is one thing to look forward to in Baguio City. Monol is also surrounded by nature which is why students can really feel the cold breeze that the city has to offer. With our slogan “live and learn”, Monol has truly made an environment that is both good for studying and promoting overall wellness.