When studying and playing go well together

Inventions and the origin of things were the lessons that revolved around students of Monol and Pines City National High School as they, once again, got together for another cross cultural immersion program on August 26, 2014.

13 students joined the said immersion program and were divided into two groups for the planned classroom activities of the high school. Five students joined the class of 7-8, a jolly group of Grade 7 students, to study about infomercials, make their own products, and come up with marketing strategies to sell their creations. The other eight students, meanwhile, went on to join the very energetic class of IV-10 to learn about the elements of drama and how things came about according to Greek mythology, then eventually, be part of a puppet show themselves!

Even though the program lasted only for a few hours, students got to share their ideas and views, as well as mingle with each other despite differences in culture.

Learning something new every day always gives way to a feeling of fulfillment and self-realization. But the joy of learning something new with others can pave the way for the best experience a person can ever have.