Who should take MONOL ONLINE courses?

Hi, guys! I’m Julia, a Vietnamese student. If you are wondering whether or not to register for the MONOL online program, my article below can be your reference. 

I knew about MONOL ONLINE through email. I was interested in MONOL courses, that’s why I was excited to hear that they will open MONOL ONLINE. ESL, IELTS, and Business English now have an online version. The curriculum, teachers, and materials are the same quality as the offline course. In that email, I also noticed that I can register a demo class for free. I was curious about MONOL ONLINE, so I quickly contacted MONOL to experience it.

When MONOL accepted my application, I was sent a student’s guide on how to set up ClassIn to prepare for my demo class. I installed ClassIn by following the steps in the document and it helped me a lot. I finished setting up my ClassIn account in 15 minutes. After that, I received an invite from my teacher and viewed my class schedule. I used Zoom for online classes before, but I think ClassIn is much better. ClassIn has a lot of tools for teachers and students. I could write on the virtual board and highlight some info if I want. 

Teacher and Curriculum

When the time for my class came, I just needed to click accept. At the beginning of my IELTS Listening class, I was shy. What impressed me was that the teacher was very enthusiastic, friendly, and always encouraged me to talk more about my idea. At first, I was timid but maybe because teacher Brenda always smiled, I got over my shyness and gradually we had a more relaxed conversation.

Ms. Brenda briefly introduced the IELTS exam and the Listening class. The teacher and I talked about how to do the test and the points needed to note. Due to the 25-minute demo class, I could not practice full exercises. One thing that impressed me is that, even though I was learning online, the quality of the audio file has a good and clear sound.

MONOL ONLINE uses textbooks and materials from offline courses, that is why the quality is good. The lesson is informative and has beautiful illustrations. Besides, you can fully receive the curriculum for the class via email from the lecturer.

If you consider the quality of teachers and curriculum, I think $180 for a 45-minute class is affordable. Also, taking classes from Monday to Friday in 4 weeks helps you have good learning habits. But all these positive things only happen when you are serious about studying and want to improve your English proficiency in the shortest time.

Who are MONOL ONLINE courses suitable for?

During the two classes, I asked my teacher a lot of questions about the content of the curriculum, about the tests, and other things related to learning in MONOL ONLINE. I found that MONOL ONLINE is suitable for the following students:

  • Employees who want to improve their English skills. (ESL and Business English courses are two courses you should take.)
  • Students who wish to prepare for the IELTS exam.
  • Those who want to experience the quality of MONOL’s courses before applying to study English at MONOL.
  • Those who have just returned from studying abroad and want to keep studying at home but are not sure how to study effectively or discipline themselves.

I hope this article is a reference source to help you to choose the right course.

I wish you will persevere and study English hard to achieve good results!