Why Choose Monol? : A Teacher Interview

Last May, the Baguio English Schools Association (BESA) paid a visit to Monol for a little interview with one of the teachers. Teacher Joener, who has been with Monol for 12 years, talked about Monol from an educator’s perspective.

During teacher Joener’s 12 years in Monol, he has demonstrated his skills in many aspects. His experiences include being a speaking and pronunciation teacher as well as a post ESL (Business English, IELTS, TOEIC) teacher. Now, he uses his expertise as a trainer to coach other post ESL teachers.

Choosing Monol Academy

According to teacher Joener, students can place their faith in Monol’s curriculum because it is well-designed. The curriculum allows students to revisit and review lessons so that they can remember it well.

Aside from the academic side, Monol provides a comfortable second home for students by providing well-equipped dormitory rooms. The school also hosts extracurricular activities inside and outside of Monol.

Monol’s Special Points

Among all the other schools, how does Monol stand out? Teacher Joener explains the academy’s edge in numerous points. First being the curriculum, specifically the LEAP program which gives the students the opportunity to personalize their classes. He also mentions the 3+1 room arrangements, wherein three students are roommates with a teacher, and the free optional classes covering grammar, TOEIC, IELTS, and job interviews.

Teacher Joener expresses not only the academic points of the school but also the healthy lifestyle it offers. Students can enjoy the recreational and sports facilities of the academy like the gym, billiards, sauna, yoga room, and more.

Monol also celebrates many other programs like the monthly pizza party as well as weekend trips every two weeks and even volunteer activities.

The Monol Teachers

As one of the trainers, teacher Joener describes the teachers of Monol as competitive people. They undergo intensive training before deployment as well as continuous training while they are already teaching.

 Monol teachers are also very flexible as the school welcomes many different nationalities. These teachers are skillful in handling many factors such as different cultures, English levels, learning styles, and behaviors.