Your Path to Optimal Learning

Why Take


MONOL ONLINE makes use of innovative approaches to teaching English. It promotes optimal language learning through our comprehensive and dynamic courses as well as our experienced and trained teachers. Even though the program is offered through a different platform, it still aims to emulate the quality of classes delivered in the actual classrooms.

High-Quality Classes with MONOL Curriculum

MONOL ONLINE utilizes textbooks and materials from our offline courses. Unlike traditional online classes, which offer casual talking, MONOL ONLINE subjects take on a comprehensive approach to guarantee that each student can practice and improve skills. All students also undergo a level test, which will determine the appropriate material that matches their ability to comprehend, express, and communicate in English.

For 18 years, Monol has been advocating academic excellence for the optimal benefit of its international students. Even by using an online platform, we commit to providing the same high-quality classes of our offline courses to students anywhere around the globe.

Skilled and experienced teachers

Monol teachers are all equipped with skills and knowledge to facilitate classes to students of different races and English proficiencies, whether in an offline or online classroom. Apart from following a daily lesson plan to ensure consistent class delivery, all teachers undergo extensive training programs to improve their abilities in managing classes.

Simulate actual classroom

Apart from utilizing our offline course materials for MONOL ONLINE, we make sure that students get the full benefit of 1:1 learning even in the comfort of their homes. To create an academically-conducive environment for both the teacher and student, we set-up our online classrooms to simulate our offline classes as if the students are studying abroad.


For a minimum cost, MONOL ONLINE opens opportunities for students to learn during their most convenient time and without compromising their work or school schedules. Without traveling, venues for improving and practicing skills become more accessible, where our professional teachers ensure that each student experiences real 1:1 learning.