Wrong First Impressions

Wrong First Impressions of PH

When I came to the Philippines, I felt the weather is very hot and humid. Moreover, I was a little scared because I heard that Manila is a dangerous city. Also, I saw many police officers who have shotguns. When I went out from the airport to take Monol’s van, many taxi drivers came to me and they forced me to take their taxi. Because of these situations, my first impression of the Philippines was not good; but when I came to Baguio, I realized that these were the wrong first impressions of the Philippines.

First, I was surprised at the kindness of Filipinos. When I went to some stores and restaurants, I always met kind workers. They are always kind and good-mannered. Moreover, they always say hello to me in Chinese. I felt that they are friendly although I’m not Chinese.

Second, I love many kinds of food in Baguio. I think that almost all restaurants serve foods that are delicious in fantastic. I am crazy about Jollibee. C3 ( spaghetti and Chicken Joy meal) and yum burger is the best food in the world. I think that Jollibee is a gift from God.

Third, I’m really surprised at the cheap price of many things. In the massage shop, two hours of massage is 500 pesos. If I get a message for two hours in Korea, I will pay more than 4,000 pesos. Also, many alcoholic drinks are cheap. My favorite alcohol is Emperador Black. I love many bars and alcohols.

Lastly, I went to many good places like San Juan and Hundred Islands. They were very beautiful and we could enjoy many things like surfing.

Because of many reasons, my first impressions changed and I really love the Philippines.

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