Your Way of Achieving that Target!


IELTS是International English Language Testing System的縮寫,是針對希望留學、就業和移民到英語國家的考生進行的,英語使用能力評價考試。 MONOL學院於2007年開設專門的IELTS課程。

雅思課程的授課科目為Listening, Writing, Reading, Speaking 4大科目,分為Lecture和Practice 2階段學習,並針對個人薄弱科目提供3小時1:1 課,進行科目深化學習。

  • 為了能夠順利進行雅思課程而推薦的入學條件: 有4.0以上官方考試成 績的學生; 通過Monol學院雅思入學考試4.0以上的學生; 完成Regular Speaking ESL/One-on-one ESL的“Intermediate”級別課程的學生

  • Constitutes eight (7) hours of lecture and practice with three (3) hours and 30 minutes of optional classes in a day

  • Offers Elective Practice subjects set in man-to-man classes for a more intensive studying on skills that need more improvement

  • Conducts IELTS mock exams every term as qualifying tests to applicants

  • Assists students in official exam applications

  • Offers a Guarantee Program to students who wish to achieve a target band score within a specific time period

* 如學生早於正規學期開學日入學,學院先提供5小時1:1授課,正規學期開始後方可進行1天7小時授課(1:1 3小時, 1:4 小組課 4小時)。