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這是一個為滿足學生特殊需求,快速提升學生英語能力,根據學生的水平實施的一種特別定製課程。課程由具有高素質,豐富經驗的教師團隊來教授。通過評估學生學術品質,現在英文技能等級以及學習目標後開始制定適合學生需求,興趣,並在有效時間內最大化學生學習效果的個性化課程。 通過定製課,學生可以在課堂中根據自身節奏安排課程,並有無限的機會去更加深入地探討自身相關領域的主題,使學生在自身興趣愛好下快速提高英語技能。
  • Constitutes nine (9) class sessions (1:1 class 5 sessions; group class 4 sessions)

  • Each student will have a mentor who will guide him/her in the creation of a syllabus, monitor the student’s progress, and provide constant guidance during the course of the program

  • Each student should undergo a diagnostic test and in-depth needs assessment and learner profiling before getting admitted for the program.

  • Students may choose any subject in the following courses: • General ESL • IELTS • TOEIC • Business English (Pre-Employment, Post-Employment, Flight Attendant Training) • Others (discussed during profiling)