message 1

Message from Takuya

I have heard that the Academy of MONOL has a conducive learning environment for focusing on English studies — that was the main reason why I have chosen this academy. It was not merely me, but this academy was also strongly recommended by my agency. Here’s my message.

In truth, I transferred to this academy from another which is also situated in Baguio City. I was astonished given that the contents of classes which MONOL provides are deep compared with the previous academy.

Aside from the pace of classes, contents apparently include review and preview, which made it comfortable for me to build up the daily rhythm. Besides, I am pleased that the textbooks suit each student’s level.

Despite having changed my listening teacher, I appreciate the performance of teachers from the bottom of my heart. There were teachers who initiated conversations, albeit they were not in charge of my class. These factors attributed to immediate adjustment.

Furthermore, I was quite impressed with the system whereas when school regulations were violated, penalty such as imposing an obligation of a self-study (not fine) would be given.

I admire that in case of the penalty incurred by the graduating students, fine will be imposed and will be used for school activities (those will not be the school’s gain). This is how an institution should stand.

message 3

*Penalty party held once in 2 to 3 months (using fines incurred from violations).

message 2

The Wi-Fi and shower, to name a few, were exceedingly comfortable facilities to live with despite having had a problem with the room’s moisture.

I feel the tremendous improvement in my English skills although I have stayed in MONOL for merely a month. The effect of having quite a number of assignments in class, being able to express my thoughts, and the wisdom made me transparently feel the improvement on my English skills.

The most important point is, the experience you can incorporate within yourself has stark contrast depending on the school, thus, my message is: I recommend you to make your goal clear and look for the institution which suits that goal.