Things to Bring to the Philippines (A Guide for International English Students)

What things to bring to the Philippines. Tips for students who will study in Baguio City. Tips for students who will study English in Monol English Academy.

Now that you have chosen to study English in the Philippines, you might be thinking about the things to bring, wear, or include on your to-do list. This blog will inform you about the important things to bring to the Philippines, especially in Baguio City. As an English learner, most of your days will be spent on campus. With this, most of the things that we will recommend will be based on this purpose, and we will add some additional tips if you have any plans to travel during your free days.

*Note: This blog is based on the perspective of a Baguio local 🙂

What to Bring to the Philippines for Study Purposes…

Laptop/ Tablet

Bringing your own laptop or tablet can make studying more flexible. You can use your gadget to download eBooks from your school, do research for your homework, and even for practicing. 

In case you did not know, MONOL is now encouraging students to go paperless. You can download your text books and workbooks for free if you have your personal tablet or laptop with you. You can also bring additional notebooks where you can write your notes and answers. If you do not want to bring your own tablet or laptop, you can opt to purchase textbooks or rent a tablet from Monol.

1 set of textbooks- PHP1200;

Renting one (1) tablet- PHP500/ 4 Weeks (MONOL Prices)

Dictionary or Grammar Textbook

Depending on your language, dictionaries and grammar textbooks might be helpful, especially if you are a beginner learning the English language. You can use this when you are having trouble understanding some words or phrases during your English classes. However, if books are kind of heavy for you, you can download mobile applications that can help you communicate during your early days.

What to Bring to the Philippines for Personal Essentials…


Of course, it is truly obvious that one must consider towels a necessity when traveling. But some schools might actually provide it already. This is why it is good to ask the school if they will provide this for you already or not. If yes, then you could save some space in your luggage.

Here in Monol, we give students a maximum of two (2) towels each. Therefore, if you would like to cut some baggage weight for your travel, we assure you that we can provide some towels for you during your stay. You may request the changing of towels from Mondays to Fridays whenever you need it.

Skin Care Products

If you have sensitive skin, bringing your preferred skin care products is a must. This is to avoid the trouble of running out of supplies, especially during your first two weeks at school. In case you were wondering where to avail skin care products here in the Philippines, Watsons is the most common go-to place.

Hair Dryer

We have already been questioned about this a few times, so that is why it is on the list. In some English academies, hair dryers are already provided. It is good to ask your school what amenities they provide just to know what additional things you need to bring.

Here in Monol, we do not provide hair dryers. In most cases, we inform students that they can rent hair dryers at the mall. When we accompany students to the mall on their first Monday to exchange money, they frequently buy this.

What Types of Clothing are Appropriate to Bring…

If you arrive around May, June, July, August, September, and October…

The wet season in the Philippines starts as early as May and may end as late as October. Bringing lightweight jackets and long sleeves is highly recommended.

Since Baguio City is located in the Cordillera Region, colder temperatures are experienced, and they can be felt more during the wet season. For that reason, students who are going to study in Baguio are advised to bring jackets, sweatshirts, and hoodies.

If you arrive around November, December, January, and February…

These months are not exactly in the dry or wet seasons. It is like the gray area where the weather becomes fairly neutral with occasional rain showers.

If you are going to study in Baguio, chilly temperatures can still be experienced, and it can even get colder around January and February. So jackets, sweatshirts, and hoodies are still necessary. However, the summer heat can be felt as early as February, so bringing some lightweight and cool clothing is also needed.

If you arrive around March and April…

Now is the time to bask in the sun and plan weekend getaways to the beaches. Bring any clothing that can help you feel cool in hot weather.


You might feel excited to travel to the Philippines once you have been accepted into an academy. Now, we are here to help you know what to bring on your trip. In our next article, we will talk about the different student activities on their first days here in Monol.

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If you think that Monol is the right school for you, you can send us a message, and we will help you enter our English Academy. Monol aims to give the students the best learning and travel experiences. Monol can provide you with comfortable accommodations, a focused learning approach, and action-packed free days. Live and learn with Monol today!