First Days in Monol

Activities during students’ first days in Monol.

If you are wondering what newly arrived students do when they arrive here in Monol, then you are on the right page. We will describe everything, starting from the airport pick-up to the first day of your classes. If you have not yet read our previous article about the important things that you should bring to the Philippines for your study abroad experience, you can read the article here.

From Pick-up

Students can avail themselves of this service if they want to. If you are a first-time visitor to the Philippines, availing of this service will be a great convenience. This service currently costs between PHP 3000 and PHP 2500, depending on which airport you arrive from (Manila Airport or Clark Airport). There are different pick-up and departure times, and you can join the one closest to your flight’s arrival. Since this is a group pick-up service, you can expect other student passengers of different nationalities.

Arrival in Monol

When students arrive in Monol, they will be greeted by our security and housekeeping personnel. Temporary IDs will also be given to students along with their room keys. The student will be given the rest of the day to rest.

First Monday

The first Monday of each semester is the level test. Students will have a test for speaking, listening, writing, and grammar in the morning. Then, at 13:00, students will be divided into teams for the orientation. Monol managers will be orienting students about the school rules, school services, facilities, and classes. After the orientation, students have to pay their local fees. These include the special study permit, security deposit, and airport pick-up fee.

After paying the local fees, students and Monol staff will go to the mall to exchange currencies and buy their basic necessities.

Start of Classes

New students will receive their schedules on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. The student’s current level will also be given along with their schedules. They will start their regular classes on Tuesday. Students have the option to buy printed textbooks in the office. One (1) set of books costs PHP 1200. Students also have the option to use their own laptop or tablet to download the digital textbooks for free. If the student does not have a device, they can rent a tablet from Monol. This rental costs PHP 500/ 4 weeks. Students just have to be careful with the device while it is in their care.


Some students get anxious about their first arrival in the Philippines. Will they have friends right away, will they adjust well, or will their expectations be met? These questions can make students feel excited and nervous at the same time. But things might feel a little better when you know what to expect during your arrival and first day at the academy. You can read more about “What to Expect at Monol English Academy” and “Things to Bring to the Philippines” to prepare yourself for your study abroad experience.

If you think that Monol is the right school for you, you can send us a message, and we will help you enter our English Academy. Monol aims to give the students the best learning and travel experiences. Monol can provide you with comfortable accommodations, a focused learning approach, and action-packed free days. Live and learn with Monol today!