What to expect in Monol English Academy (Also a Guide to Learning English in the Philippines)

What to expect in Monol English Academy. What to expect when learning English in the Philippines.

As students from different countries, you surely have expectations of Monol. Monol is an English academy located in Baguio City, Philippines. As a result, your expectations regarding Monol may also be influenced by how you perceive the Philippines.

In our previous blogs, we have discussed the pros and cons of studying English in Baguio City, Philippines. Then, we also discussed the pros and cons of studying English in Monol. In this blog, we are going to discuss the different expectations or impressions of students at Monol. Is Monol a Sparta school? What should I expect from Monol teachers? Is the internet fast or slow (in the Philippines and in Monol)? I am expecting diverse students; will I also have classmates from Europe? We will answer these different questions for you.

I am expecting Monol to be a Sparta school…

First of all, what is a Sparta school? The Spartan Program is a strict and very goal-oriented teaching and learning approach. Being a Sparta student means that you have to follow certain rules and minimize personal leisure time in order to focus on studying. During the pre-pandemic period, Monol used to have a Sparta program. Students and teachers work together to ensure that the program is followed and implemented to maximize its effectiveness. Now that we are in the new normal (starting in 2022), Monol does not offer this program anymore.

Monol has not offered its Sparta Program since May 2022. However, this does not mean that the quality of English education is affected. Currently, students have 5 sessions of man-to-man classes and 4 sessions of optional group classes. This means that students can have a maximum of 9 classes per day from 8 am to 5 pm. Now, it is up to the student to organize his time to study after his classes.

If you are a student looking forward to “real” Sparta training, there are other schools in the Philippines that offer this type of training. On the bright side, if you are eager to study in Monol, you can take a “self-sparta” approach to learning English. There are two important things to remember, regardless of whether you are at a Sparta school or not. Be organized and disciplined. Your success in learning English solely relies on your perseverance and consistency in having good study habits.

I heard that the Internet is slow in the Philippines…

As of January 2023, Ookla (a global internet testing firm) has reported that the average broadband speed of the country is 88.13 Mbps. In a wider perspective, the Philippines’ internet speed is slower than that of most countries. On the other hand, the country is in 4th place for fastest internet speeds in ASEAN countries, placing behind Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. Therefore, students who may come from developed countries with faster internet speeds should expect the internet to be slower in the Philippines.

Slower internet speeds should not cause you any worry. New students may, however, need some time to adjust to this. The internet may just lag a few seconds to a few minutes behind. Moreover, students at Monol have access to 100 Mbps per dorm room. Internet access is also available in classrooms, the dining area, and the rooftop area. This means that you can use the internet in your private room and in the common areas of the campus.

Should I Expect Native English-speaking Teachers?

In the Philippines, English is the second most common language. It appears in Filipino literature as well as in written and spoken laws. To think about it, there is a reason why Filipino English teachers are in demand not only locally but also in other countries.

There are several schools in the Philippines with native English speakers. They can mostly be found in Cebu and Manila. This means that the majority of English language teachers are Filipinos. Well, how about in Monol? Here in Monol, we have 100% Filipino English teachers. Our teachers are prepared to help students develop their their essential macro skills. This includes listening, speaking, reading, and writing, as well as grammar and pronunciation.

Will an accent be a problem? In all honesty, Filipino English is what it is. Some speakers may have a thick accent, and some may have a more neutral accent. But at the end of the day, the goal of learning English in a foreign country like the Philippines is to strengthen the foundation first. Speaking is one skill, but there are also others to improve, such as listening, reading, grammar, and writing. Individual accent training is also possible in the future. This is possible once the student has fully understood the rules of the English language and how to read between literal and metaphorical expressions.

If you want to read about the pros and cons of having native and non-native teachers, just click here.

I expect Monol to have strict rules about speaking English only…

Monol has an English-only policy, which is implemented in the classrooms and other common areas of the campus. Students will receive penalty points if they are caught speaking their native language. Although there is no grave punishment for students who are caught violating the policy, it is one way to highly encourage students to practice speaking English even with their peers who come from the same country.

What about my classmates? Where are they mostly from?

You might be wondering what the majority nationality is among the students at Monol English Academy. Well, most of our students hail from East Asia (South Korea, Taiwan, China, and Japan), while some hail from Southeast Asia (Thailand and Vietnam), the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Kuwait), and South America. Some wonder, “Will I have a European classmate?” In all honesty, most likely not. Also, the percentage of European classmates in the Philippines is relatively low.

Regardless of the diverse languages in Europe, the majority of their population can speak the English language. As for the other EU countries that don’t speak English, they can get training from their neighboring countries, such as the UK and Ireland, where English is the first language. Seldom does it happen that EU residents go to faraway places, like Asia, to learn English unless they have a high spirit for traveling.


Students have different expectations and impressions of their chosen English school. However, students may feel disappointed when the school or place does not meet their expectations. Therefore, it is also important to write this article to help students decide whether Monol is the right English school for them. Now that you are aware of the things that you should know before studying in Monol and/or here in the Philippines, it is now time for you to prepare the things that you should bring to the Philippines. In our next article, we will talk about the must-haves for new students upon their arrival in the Philippines and here in Monol. Until next time!

If you think that Monol is the right school for you, you can send us a message, and we will help you enter our English Academy. Monol aims to give the students the best learning and travel experiences. Monol can provide you with comfortable accommodations, a focused learning approach, and action-packed free days. Live and learn with Monol today!