Is Monol the English School For You?

Is Monol a good English school?


In our last blog, we talked about the pros and cons of studying English in Baguio City. If you are a person who would like to study English in the Philippines, particularly in Baguio, we will do our best to explain what makes Monol a good English school in all aspects. By the end of this blog, we hope that we have presented the strong points of the school when it comes to academics, accommodations, facilities, and extracurricular activities.


Monol is an English school located in Baguio City. Because of the region’s milder temperatures, the climate is comfortable for the majority of people. The city was once referred to as the lone American hill station in Asia. The majority of the city’s inhabitants have assimilated the English language as a daily medium of communication, whether in a casual or professional sense, thanks to its history during the American Colonization period in the nation.

Monol was established in 2003 and is considered one of the first “English as a Second Language” schools in the city. English-language schools in Baguio and other places in the country were pioneered by South Korean missionaries and educators. Most of our students hail from East Asia and the Middle East, and we have been accepting students from other various parts of the world too. Will you be one of our students in the future?


English is known as the world’s common language. It is widely used for trading, science, tourism, and many other purposes. Regardless of the reason why you want to study English, it cannot be denied that knowing the language can open more doors for opportunities, especially when one wants to work or study overseas.

There are different types of English learners, and their goals, attitudes, and school expectations are the factors that we are going to consider in this blog. But the top four things that students may consider based on many sources are: 1) School reputation 2) services 2) location 3) prices.


The school’s reputation includes the school’s history, rules, and student recommendations. Monol has been in the English education industry for 20 years, since 2003. Monol has also helped thousands of students learn English and get a certificate during graduation. Aside from these statistics, Monol has an “English Only Policy” that is applied to all students. It may be hard to monitor when a student speaks his or her mother tongue, but having this policy encourages students to practice English with schoolmates who come from the same country. It is also good to know that Monol is no longer a Sparta school. We believe that changing our approach can allow students to thrive at their own pace and explore what type of learning is most effective for them.

Monol has also invested its resources in making its own curriculum. Our school’s researchers and teachers have carefully made all of our books and lessons. Moreover, we use a spiral approach and is all about repetition of ideas until the student masters the concepts. This approach will surely help students remember their lessons better. The goal of Monol is to help the student absorb the foundation of English first and master it before moving on to a more complicated lesson.

Do you want to learn about some of our students in Monol? You can read about our most recent student experiences (2023) in this blog link: MyMonol Student Experiences January-February


Baguio City has a lower cost of living than other cities like Manila, Clark, and Cebu. As a result, Baguio City may be a good option for students who seek to reduce their educational expenses. It’s comforting to know that Baguio English schools still provides the same level of education even if the expenses are reduced. The location is the only significant difference.

Monol would like to highlight three things. 1) We offer good accommodation choices for students; 2) We have quality teachers and a reliable curriculum that cannot be found in other English schools; and 3) We provide our courses and accommodations at an affordable price.

Monol’s different room types are convenient for students with different preferences and budgets. Private rooms such as the single bedroom and semi-single bedroom are more costly than our group room, which is the triple bedroom. Moreover, our double deluxe bedroom is exclusively for friends, family, and couple learners. This room has its different perks, and it all depends on your preference.

You can check this page for Monol’s Campus Facilities:


Aside from the room choices that students have, Monol also has facilities for different activities. Monol is aware that physical wellness is also important. Thus, we have a spacious workout gym where students can lift weights, do cardio, and go for a run. Moreover, we also have our yoga and boxing rooms, where we hold our evening fitness classes. We also have a male and female sauna room that students can use whenever they feel like it. All in all, our campus rooftop is multi-functional. Aside from these, students can also opt to play golf at our golf driving range. We will be uploading new blogs about our facilities in the near future.

We have discussed in the earlier parts that Monol has its own designed curriculum. Moreover, teachers are also trained in a special way to cater to the needs of students. We also have teachers in everything from speaking, listening, and reading to writing, discussion, grammar, and pronunciation subjects. Students appreciate Monol teachers as the school carefully considers the chemistry between teachers and students.

You can send us a message to learn about the different prices for the courses and room types.

CONCLUSION: Is Monol a good English school?

Whether you want to study English for travel, a hobby, work, or study purposes, finding the best English school for you is important. Before attracting students to study in Monol, it is important to first understand where Monol is located. Baguio City is about a 5- to 6-hour bus ride from Manila, and this can be a turn-off for many. The zigzag roads and temperature change might be uncomfortable, and it is the honest truth when traveling to Baguio. You might also need some time to adjust to a slower pace of living, even if Baguio is a highly urbanized city.

If you are convinced that Baguio is a good location for you, it is time to decide which school is right for you. There are a number of English-language schools in Baguio, and there are pros and cons to each school. Monol is not located downtown, but it only takes a 15- to 20-minute car ride to town. The environment of the school is good for students who like the views of trees and mountains. Monol has four room types that students can choose from. We have single, semi-single, triple, and double deluxe rooms.

Our facilities also include a gym, a yoga room, a rooftop picnic area, a golf driving range, and hot saunas. The best of all is that we have a unique curriculum, which means that our books and lessons cannot be found in other English schools. Another bonus is that we take weekend trips every other week. This means that you can also visit other places, like the beach, on your free days.

If you think that Monol is the right school for you, you can send us a message, and we will help you enter our English Academy. Monol aims to give the students the best learning and travel experiences. Monol can provide you with comfortable accommodations, a focused learning approach, and action-packed free days. Live and learn with Monol today!

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