Helpful and enjoyable online IELTS classes

My name is Tom Suzuki, and I am from Japan. I am 17 years old and doing my best to learn the English language.

I knew Monol because it has been suggested by my agency since we are not able to go out these days, but I still wanted to learn English. I have been studying IELTS speaking and writing at Monol for over a month now, and I can say that I enjoy it a lot. Although I have not been to the offline school of Monol, I can say that this school gave me a lot of new experiences throughout my IELTS practices.

The teaching quality is amazing, and their style of doing lessons is awesome; I believe that every staff is academically and personally well-trained. I have observed that the staffs are very friendly and unique (in a good way), and of course, I love to hang out with talkative people!

Also, the application that is used to take classes called “ClassIn” is doing pretty well. It has got a lot of functions for both students and teachers to make a lesson even better!

Finally, I hope Baguio and also the rest of the Philippines become normal soon as I want to meet all of my teachers from Monol. I would recommend to my friends about this school as well! Salamat!