Public Transportation


Upon landing at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila, students can take a taxi to Victory Liner or JOY BUS Genesis Terminal in Pasay City and take a trip to Baguio City. Students will encounter three kinds of taxi that students can choose from once they arrive in Manila.
  • Airport Taxi (White): These taxis do not use taxi meters and usually charge a rate that ranges from 300-350 PHP from NAIA to the bus station since they do not use a taxi mater.
  • Airport Taxi (Yellow): These taxis use a taxi meter with a flag down fare rate of 70 PHP. The fare for the trip from NAIA to the bus station ranges from 200-250 PHP.
  • Regular Taxi (White or Yellow): These taxis are found beyond the vicinity of NAIA. These also use taximeters with a flag down fare rate of 50 PHP. The fare from NAIA to the bus station for this kind of taxi ranges from 100-150 PHP.

REMINDER: If students choose to take regular taxis from NAIA to Victory Liner Bus Terminal or JOY BUS Genesis, they should negotiate with the drivers on the fare rate first or ask them to use the taxi meters. If drivers demand more than the usual fare, students can turn them down and ask other available drivers.

  • The trip to Baguio usually lasts for 6-7 hours.  Once students reach the Victory Liner or JOY BUS Genesis Terminal in Pasay City, they can purchase either a regular bus or deluxe bus ticket bound for Baguio City. Schedules of regular buses to Baguio are set every hour. Deluxe bus schedules, on the other hand, are set twice in the middle of the day and twice late at night. Fare on regular buses cost 455 PHP and have 2-3 stopovers during the trip, while fares on deluxe buses cost 725-750 PHP without stopovers.
  • To reach Monol campus, students can take a taxi from the Bus Terminal in Baguio City. The journey from the bus station to the academy takes 15-20 minutes. Students only have to say the address of Monol, which is Tacay Road, and also mention Tacay Lodge as one of its landmarks.