Your Way of Achieving that Target!


The IELTS course is offered to students who plan to study or work abroad and aims to train students towards the goal of achieving a high Band Score in either the British Council or IDP Australia IELTS exams. Using both the General Training and Academic Module, this program provides Introductory and Proper courses that are composed of Lecture and Practice subjects with an addition of 1:1 Elective Practice subjects.

  • Recommended requirement: Get a score of 4.0 in the qualifying examinations or Complete the Intermediate level of Regular Speaking ESL / One-on-one ESL

  • Constitutes eight (7) hours of lecture and practice with three (3) hours and 30 minutes of optional classes in a day

  • Offers Elective Practice subjects set in man-to-man classes for a more intensive studying on skills that need more improvement

  • Conducts IELTS mock exams every term as qualifying tests to applicants

  • Assists students in official exam applications

  • Offers a Guarantee Program to students who wish to achieve a target band score within a specific time period

* Students who start on a regular term will have 7 class hours a day (1:1 3 hours, Group 4 hours). 5 hours 1:1 classes are offered to those who start on an irregular schedule.

*IELTS has a lecture course that introduces all the basics of the IELTS testing format while the practice course prepares and trains students through exercises and applications.

*Test simulations/Mock exams are conducted every Friday as an evaluation of the students’ improvement.