Apart from being a center for education in the North, Baguio is also deemed as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” because of its climate that is 8 degrees cooler than other places in the country. It boasts of panoramic vistas of foggy hills and tourist spots, which boosted the city’s reputation as the ultimate highland retreat of tourists during the summer season.

Burnham Park

This historic-urban park is one of Baguio’s most famous attractions. Located at the heart of the city, Burnham Park is a place where locals and tourists can bike, boat, skate, exercise, and enjoy the outdoors. It is a great place for families and friends to spend time together, connect, and relax.

Mines View Park

This park is most known for its breathtaking view overlooking the Cordillera mountains and Benguet gold and copper mines, hence its name. Aside from the beautiful scenery, tourists visit this park for souvenirs and commercial activities like being able to dress in traditional Cordilleran clothing.

Philippine Military Academy

The Philippine Military Academy (PMA) stands at Fort Gregorio del Pilar, Loakan Road. Many visit the academy to catch a glimpse of the cadets performing drills and exhibitions, plus take a look around the PMA museum and the manicured grounds where vintage and historical tanks and weapons are displayed.

Tam-Awan Village

When you think of art, heritage, culture, and nature, these descriptions lead to Baguio’s Tam-Awan Village: Garden in the Sky, located in Pinsao Proper. This tourist spot showcases many things like artwork, craftsmanship, traditional huts, mini trekking grounds, and a cafe with delicious local cuisines.

BenCab Museum

Another known art spot in Baguio City is the BenCab Museum located at Asin Road, Tuba, Benguet. It showcases the artworks of Philippine National Artist Benedicto Reyes Cabrera (BenCab), as well as works of other contemporary artists. Aside from the gallery, the farm, garden, and cafe on the museum grounds are also worth visiting.

Baguio Museum

If you want to get to know the history, heritage, culture, and traditions of not only Baguio but also the six provinces of Cordillera, the Baguio Museum is the place to go. Here you’ll find baskets, clothing, woodcarvings, ceramics, weapons, and dioramas that hold historical significance and portray the story of each tribe and province.

Botanical Garden

Many visit Baguio’s Botanical Garden to enjoy the tranquil surroundings and explore the beautiful landscapes. Amidst the towering pine trees and beautiful flowers, you’ll also find symbols of friendship between the Philippines and other countries, huts, replicas, sculptures, and even a Japanese tunnel.

Wright Park

If Burnham Park is known for biking and boating activities, Wright Park is known for horseback riding! Want to try riding a horse? Then this is the place to be. Enjoy a nice, refreshing stroll while admiring the beautiful scenery of pine trees while breathing in the Baguio fresh air. 

Other Attractions

There are several other must-visit attractions in the city of Baguio like Session Road, Baguio Cathedral, Lourdes Grotto, The Mansion, Camp John Hay, and many more. Aside from these bucket-list destinations, the city holds many other hidden gems like peaceful nature spots, trendy cafes, and top-rated restaurants.