Refund Policies

Students who cancel or reduce the duration of their study program receive a refund depending on the date of given request. Refunds can be received within 30 days after the formalized cancellations or modifications of study programs.

It is important for students to understand the refund policies of the academy and go through the proper procedures to avoid any conflict with class and accommodation arrangements.

Students who wish to cancel their program have to fill out a Refund Request Form. Once submitted, the processing and release of the refund shall be implemented within two (2) weeks. On the other hand, forfeiture of refund shall be applied to students who are expelled from the academy due to misconduct and other grave offenses.

After the processing and approval of the refunds, the students shall be receiving their refunds from their agencies.

All refunds released will be based on the actual amount received by the academy. Thus, deductions such as bank transaction fees may be applied. Promotions shall be considered as deductions as well.

  • If students cancel their program more than 1 week before arriving in the Philippines, they will be given a full refund except the registration fee ($100).
  • On the other hand, students who cancel less than one week before arriving in the Philippines, 1 week worth of accommodation and the registration fee ($100) will be deducted to their refund.
  1. Non-refundable fees
  • Registration fee ($100)
  • Pick-up fee ($50) **May still be refunded if students cannot use the service due to unexpected circumstances**
  • Individual pick-up ($200) **Can only be refunded if cancellation of the service is done days before the students’ expected pick-up**
  • Fees paid in the Philippines:
  • ADMIN Fee
  • Visa Extension fees and ACR I-Card
  • SSP Fee
  1. If the students decide to discontinue their program with Monol during the first week of their first term at the academy, they can receive 100% refund of the tuition and dormitory fees  except the registration fee, pick-up fee, Admin Fee and SSP Fee. 
  1. Refunds given to students will be based on the term schedule of Monol, regardless of their start date. Students who have already started their term shall not receive any refund for that term.
  1. Before the students progress to the next term, they should process their request for refund more than a week before it starts. Once approved, they can receive 100% refund of tuition and accommodation fees.
  1. On the other hand, students who decide to cancel one week before the start of the new term or less shall be receiving a refund with a deduction, which is a week’s worth of accommodations.
  1. Change of dormitory/course

Application for changing dormitories or courses is done at the Marketing and Student Relations Department (SRD) every two or 4 weeks, following the scheduled terms.

Payment for dormitory and course change shall be based on the USD rate differences. Refunds for these changes will have a 50% deduction.