Winners of Photo Essay Contest for Term B Students Announced

The winners of the Photo Essay contest for Term B students were announced last September 29 during the End-of-term Activities held at the B4 Dining Hall. 

Six students were chosen from the pool of talented entries to win awards in the Essential Advance, Essential Intermediate, and Essential Elementary Categories. Three themes were laid out for the contestants to choose from namely I Want To Learn English Because, My First Day in Monol, and What I Like Best in Baguio City.

Students’ Jessica (Lee Meng Chieh) and Kanako  (Mizuno Kanako) bagged the first and second place awards in the Essential Advance category. Jessica led by a slim margin of .8% to win the award with her essay about food and delicacies that impressed her the most in Baguio City.

Students’ Chris (Lee Chen Hsin) and Sonic (Chen Chen-Lin) were awarded the first and second place awards respectively in the Essential Intermediate Category. Both students submitted pensive essays about what they like about Baguio City. 

In the Essential Elementary category, Students’ Vincent (Ho Anh Tuan) and Nancy (Nian Chiung – Wen) placed 1st and 2nd place respectively. Student Nancy wrote about her trips to Burnham  Park and the hospitality of the people of Baguio while student Vincent wrote about his journey from the eyes of a tourist trying to absorb as much of Baguio as he can. 

Monol also awarded students’ Ariane (Uchibayashi Ayano), Eva (Yen I-Pei), and Sane (Sakai Maiko) with certificates of participation and cash prizes for submitting their entries.

All the winners received cash prizes and certificates of recognition for displaying their writing talent and taking great photographs about their experience and journey in Monol and in Baguio City.

Read all the amazing entries by clicking on the image below.