Improving my pronunciation skills in MONOL ONLINE

After returning to China, I realized that my English pronunciation and grammar skills were still lacking and I needed to improve them. At the same time, I needed something to focus on and keep me busy during my self-quarantine period. So, I enrolled in the Monol Online program to improve my skills.

Compared to Monol’s offline courses, aside from being affordable, flexible, and convenient, studying in the Monol Online program holds many unique advantages.

When I first learned English, I did not study pronunciation systematically. So, apart from understanding some relatively simple phonetic symbols, I did not know how to pronounce more complex phonetics and words. This became a difficulty for me when it came to verbal or oral English.

Monol’s Pronunciation Classes

However, I benefited a lot from Monol’s pronunciation classes. When I was studying pronunciation at Monol (offline course), I liked the learning material. It was systematic and separated the consonant sounds from vowel sounds.

Also, the teacher uses drawings and various methods to teach students how to position and use the lips, tongue, air, etc, to create the correct sound or pronunciation. Afterward, students can practice that sound through words, sentences, and phrases.

My Monol online pronunciation classes were the same quality as offline. The teacher can list the notes clearly on ClassIn (classroom software) and the students have a tool to save it in just seconds. Also, all notes will be kept in the after-class report so that students can review the content at any time. Students can easily use the screenshot tool to save pictures or drawings of mouth shapes so they can use it as a reference later on.

Monol’s Grammar Classes

In addition to pronunciation, I also enrolled in online grammar classes. When it comes to textbook content, it is more complicated online. However, there’s nothing to worry about since the online classroom can display large and elaborate content without a problem.

The teacher can easily drag the textbook onscreen and point out key information. Presenting homework is also easy and efficient since you just send the file to your teacher.

Monol’s Discussion classes

I also tried the school’s Discussion course (only offered on MONOL ONLINE). The main content of the subject is discussing articles on various topics. The teacher lets the student read the article and then together they sort out and go over the vocabulary, grammar, and other important information stated. Once that is clear, a discussion about the article begins.

The whole process reflects a back and forth interaction between the teacher and the student. This will help the student develop their conversational skills, reading comprehension, and English thinking.

As a whole, there’s not much difference between Monol’s way of teaching whether offline or online. The teachers are still very interactive which makes the class interesting. Lessons are efficient thanks to the unique design and tools of the online classroom, ClassIn. Monol Online makes it very convenient for students to study English online.