Monol’s newly opened Standard Single Room

There is a new addition to the six dormitory room types in Monol, and that is the Standard Single room (room for one)! Similar to the Semi-single room, it comes with a study desk, closet, mirror, comfortable bed, refrigerator, and dehumidifier all for one person. However, one big difference between the two rooms is that the room for one has a solo and unshared toilet and shower.

Monol’s new single person room is perfect for students who enjoy and are more comfortable living and studying in solitude. With this brand new room type, it also suits students who value their personal space and privacy.

Comfortable and private

For those interested, please be reminded that there are only limited slots. For inquiries and reservations, send us an email at

Occupants can start enjoying their stay in the Standard single room on as early as January 18, 2020!