Honing you to be globally competitive

Courses that train students for various English language testing systems such as TOEIC and IELTS have also become widely received by the diversifying studentry in Monol. Apart from building their capacity to pursue these tests, Monol also provides Business English courses, which hone the students to be globally competitive and be equipped with skills that are specific to fields related to business.

IELTS Guarantee Score

The Guarantee Score Program of Monol is primarily designed for 12 weeks and is geared towards increasing a students’ band score by half or by a number. Aside from the weekly monitoring of mock exams and performance evaluations, the academy also sponsors one official test for the students to affirm the program’s effectiveness.

In general, the IELTS Review course has the most intensive study program among the courses offered in Monol. It constitutes 8 hours of classes daily and requires all students to take the weekly mock exams. Since the course’s purpose is to acquaint students of the testing format and train them with effective strategies, the course is essentially divided into two sections – the Introduction to IELTS phase and the IELTS proper phase. This way, all students can learn all the important and practical aspects of IELTS, at the same time, enhance their acquired knowledge and skills by going through continuous exposure. Further, the course offers elective subjects that are set in man-to-man classes to expand venues for practice.

TOEIC Review Course

The TOEIC Listening and Reading Review Course is the newest curriculum launched in Monol. Launched in 2014, it is composed of 2 sections: TOEIC Lecture and TOEIC Practice – a program that is similarly adapted by the IELTS course.

The TOEIC course has elective subjects as well. However, these subjects focus more on providing supplementary lessons to students than practice exercises. These lessons, which cover grammar, vocabulary, and communication activities, support the skills improvement of students needed for the TOEIC test.

Business English

Business English is a Post ESL course that specifically targets skills that are related to the field of business. Because of its innate nature, various venues for lesson application are opened for its three courses: Pre-Employment, Post Employment, and Flight Attendant Training. Through these practical activities and exercises, the students get to boost their confidence in using the English language, at the same time, learn the fundamentals of the business industry.