Student posing at Bencab lake

Baguio Language Training with Cultural Experience

Good morning. I am Shawn, a correspondent who will be writing testimonials for Baguio Monol International Education Institute. 

I arrived at Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport from Sydney at 7 pm. After the plane landed at the airport in Manila, everybody suddenly applauded. I was curious and asked the passengers sitting next to me and they said it was like a consciousness of the Filipinos. It means that I arrived safely and securely. Immediately upon arriving in the Philippines, I was impressed because I am now experiencing their culture in person. We left the airport in Manila and arrived at Baguio by bus for 6 hours.

picture outside of monol
The phrase “Ten Thousand Miles of Travel Starts at the First Step”.











It was a good phrase to recognize that the first step was important.
This is the ultimate goal for everyone who chose to do their language training in Baguio! The first step is important for effective English study.

I arrived at the language school at around 2:00 am and was assigned to a dormitory tired. 

I woke up in the morning and the scenery around this school was impressive. 
The air was clear and the building had a good view of high mountains meaning it was a great announcement to start my language training in a different environment called Baguio.

With this new start, I had time to learn about the institute through an orientation and a simple Q & A with Manager Leo while he also provided motivation for enrollment. After orientation, we took a bus for next day and headed for the BenCab Museum and SM Mall, the largest mall in Baguio.

student in bencab posing with craft work
The works of Ben Cab Museum were full of works by locals.











It is true that we came to learn English in the Philippines and it is a priority, but 
I think it is also studying to understand the culture of another country and adapt to the environment of another country. So it was also time to think about the intention of drawing pictures and paintings while walking around the museum while seeing the paintings, and to recall the circumstances of the Philippines.

Of course, though many of these thoughts are important, I have taken photographs with gestures and facial expressions that will remind me of my memories as if there is only one thing left.

student posing at bencab lake










After touring the museum, one of the stops of the city tour is SM Mall, we arrived at Baguio SM Mall, and we were amazed at the number of people flooding the shopping mall. 

I have heard that there are more than 10 million people in Baguio, but the traffic situation, the number of people who walked in and covered the mountains, and the population density of the shopping mall were estimated at 10 million. 

As soon as I entered the entrance, my belongings were inspected. I’m not used to checking my belongings when I usually go in.

Because it was the rule of the place, I had to be examined. I thought I should be careful of my valuables after having my belongings checked. 

Being concerned about personal belongings, we entered the supermarket and began to buy various necessities. We felt hungry and ate at the food court. After seeing the chapters, eating food, drinking coffee, and taking a taxi ride, I had to think about money because I was a student. But it was definitely less burdensome than living in Korea. It is certainly economical to calculate and compare Korean money for each object in which the value of money is different in each country.

One day went by so fast. 

But we were also tired because of the busy schedule at the beginning.  It is good to lay on a comfortable bed, surrounded by mountain scenery and the surrounding atmosphere, clean air and manager’s care giving help to adapt, and delicious meals considering the students’ taste buds rejuvenated my blood within Monol Institute.

I think that this environment where I need to read and write in English is the best environment to study English in the future.

I will be a correspondent who will explain in detail, the details of each one of the Monol Events because there will be a lot of time to be in the future.

Thanks for reading.